Magufuli Gives Reason For No-Show And Fires Uhuru And Museveni, Calls Them Corrupt

Tanzania’s President John Pombe Magufuli has fired shots with its bullets traveling to the presidents of Kenya and Uganda, Uhuru and Museveni respectively.

The “bulldozer” has described the said presidents as corrupt, The T1mes reports.

According to The T1mes reports, Magufuli attributed his absence from the Tokyo International Conference On African Development (TICAD) and described it as “a waste of time and resources”.

The report went on to say that, Magufuli criticized the President of Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta for failing to tame the corrupt senior officials in his government while his colleague Museveni is only trying to pull the East Africa Community back.

President Magufuli is known for good governance in East Africa and his efforts to sweep out wasteful government spending, root out corruption and discipline lazy public servants.

And his war on corruption and embezzlement has endeared him to many Tanzanians, especially the poor folks who regard him as the new crusader.

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