“I will Kill Half of Filipino Population” – Duterte Tells The UN

President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte has said that at least half of the Filipino population are into drugs related trades and as such he is never going to stop the killings until the population is reduced to half.

Duterte said this as response to the United Nations telling him to put an end to his extra-judicial killings.

Duterte is reported to have pulled out of the UN and the ICC in order to freely kill without hindrance from international laws.

Police chiefs have admitted they are responsible for the deaths of some 1000s drugs suspects since July, with local media suggesting the true number could easily be more than what has been communicated to the media.

Last week, two UN human rights experts urged Manila to stop the killings, saying they amounted to a crime under international law but Duterte said he is not under any international laws after he [Duterte] insulting the UN experts.

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