Duterte Slaps American Journalist Twice Over “Stupid” Question

Philippines’ President Rodrigo Duterte has slapped an American journalist for asking a question that the person termed as “stupid”.

The floor was opened for the media to interact with the Filipino president after he addressed the media and government dignitaries on maritime security issues.

The president took time to answer questions asked by various journalists present but a scene of drama was caused when it got to the turn of an american journalist (name and media company withheld).

The journalist asked: “Sorry to say, you sound confused. Are you forming an alliance with China or you are fighting them?”

Duterte, who got tempered quickly slapped the journalist in the face and kicked his butt. Security personnel came to restore peace.

Duterte refered to the question as “stupid”.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and visiting Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte on Wednesday agreed to ensure maritime security amid rising concerns over the Philippines’ policy shift toward China.

Duterte and Abe held a summit meeting at the Prime Minister’s Office in Tokyo to tout the two nations’ “strategic partnership” and to further cement bilateral relations.

With regard to the recent decision by the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague, which upheld the Philippines’ argument over the South China Sea dispute, Abe told reporters the two leaders “have confirmed the importance of peaceful resolution of maritime disputes” based on the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.

“The South China Sea issue is a matter of interest for the entire local community that is directly linked to regional peace and stability,” Abe said.

Abe also said Japan welcomes Duterte’s recent visit to China to “improve” the bilateral relationship between Beijing and Manila.

Duterte repeated the words “the rule of law” several times, and said that Japan would be an important dialogue partner in ensuring maritime security in the region, including the South China Sea.

“The Philippines will continue to work closely with Japan on issues of common concern in the region, and uphold the shared values of democracy…. the rule of law and peaceful settlement of the disputes, including the South China Sea,” said Duterte.

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