BREAKING: Gab Valenciano and Tricia Centenera have divorced

MANILA — After weeks of speculations, Blogger Tricia Centenera and husband Gab Valenciano have finally divorced. Gab Valenciano, who confirmed the news to CNN Channel did not to give reasons for the divorce while Tricia refused to talk to the media. Last month, an entertainment website Pep, reported that the …

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Micheal Jackson’s 18-year old daughter paid $825 million by Sony

NEW YORK — 18-year old daughter of the late Michael Jackson, Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson has received on behalf of his dad, $825 million as his earnings in 2016. The former pop icon tops Forbes‘ list of highest-paid dead celebrities, beating out other iconic superstars like Elvis Presley and Prince. Paris-Michael …

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“I am Scared” – Actress Agot Isidro tells the media

MANILA, The Philippines: Actress Agot Isidro has made a public outcry that she is scared. “Scared of what?” – one journalist asked. The actress says her life has been under threat after since she described the President of Philippines as a “Psychopath”. “I have been neglected by everyone. I’m scared …

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BREAKING NEWS: Rapper AKA Shot By Unknown Assailants

After months that Rapper AKA cried for not receiving the media’s attention, he has finally made a viral news but this case it’s on shots he received by unknown assailants. Police in Johannesburg are pursing the whereabouts of three daylight shooters of South African reigning best rapper AKA. According to …

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“PAP Contains Slow Poison” – Medical Control Council

The Medical Control Council of South Africa (MCC) has announced that, the corn meal “Pap” contains poison that kills very slowly. Pap is the staple food of South Africa and other Africa countries. It’s a meal prepared with corn floor. A latest research by the MCC established that, the favourite …

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Strictly dancer Brendan Cole has died

Strictly dancer Brendan Cole has died, source at the hospital reveals. He was rushed to hospital after Saturday night’s show with a chest infection. Doctors had earlier on suggested to discharge him on Friday after assessing whether or not he’s fit for the performance. According to Brendan’s brother Richard, he …

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