BREAKING: Pakistan To Ban Pokémon Go

The Pakistani government has place a ban on the play of Pokémon Go in the country.

According to the President Mamnoon Hussain, apart from fraudsters who have hacked to game app to defraud innocent victions millions of dollars, the game poses threat to the nation.

He went on to add that, many lives have been lost and motor accidents have increased as results of the game.

Pokémon Go is a free-to-play mobile app that you can download for iOS or Android. It’s free to download and start playing, but you have the option to use real money to buy in-game currency called PokéCoins (Between $0.99 for 100 PokéCoins and up to $99.99 for 14,500). Those PokéCoins are used to purchase Pokéballs, the in-game item you need to be able to catch Pokémon. Now you don’t have to spend real money, but that simply means you need to pay with your time and energy (which is the fun of it, anyway!).

The game works by using your phone’s GPS for your real-world location and augmented reality to bring up those cool-looking Pokémon on your screen, overlaid on top of what you see in front of you. And you—the digital you—can be customized with clothing, a faction (or “team” of players you can join) and other options, and you level up as you play.

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