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Davao Woman finds 5 metre Snake in her bedroom

A huge snake which had lived in the roof of a Filipino woman’s house made his presence known by draping himself across the bed in her guest room. The python was found by Trina, from Davao, on Thursday. She wrote: “Its frigging huge! Have it locked in bedroom waiting for …

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BREAKING: Prostitute’s Client Turns Into Snake In Maseru

Prostitutes shall never learn lessons as long as ‘foolish men shall keep on giving them life by watering them with monetary and material gifts to fulfill their dreams of making a living without working but using their God-given bodies to see the promised land. It was a scene of drama, …

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Strictly dancer Brendan Cole has died

Strictly dancer Brendan Cole has died, source at the hospital reveals. He was rushed to hospital after Saturday night’s show with a chest infection. Doctors had earlier on suggested to discharge him on Friday after assessing whether or not he’s fit for the performance. According to Brendan’s brother Richard, he …

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BREAKING: Ooh, Muhammad Fachroni of Project Pop has died

JAKARTA: Singer and member of Project Pop Muhammad Fachroni, known as Oon, who was rushed to the hospital over the weekend after suffering from a low level of hemoglobin (Hb) has died, the music group say in a statement. According to the statemnt, Ooh was discharged and got readmitted after …

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BREAKING NEWS: Theodore Whitmore is dead

ST JAMES, Jamaica — National men’s senior team football coach Theodore Whitmore who was hospitalized at the Cornwall Regional Hospital after he was rushed to the medical institution has died, source at the hospital reveals. The cause of his death was not revealed but but he was reported to have …

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